Linda Harper

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My name is Linda Harper and I am blessed to be the High School Art Teacher and Yearbook Sponsor at Community Christian Academy.

This is my 6th year at CCA and my 30th year of teaching, having taught at Ballard Memorial High School and Lone Oak High School before coming to CCA.

It is my goal to incorporate a Biblical scripture or a Bible lesson into each of my assignments while using and building upon the Art Elements and Principles taught by the Art Teacher at CCA Elementary and Middle School.

If there is one scripture that pertains to all of my assignments it is this from Colossians 3:

"And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him...and whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord."

MRS. HARPER'S CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS (All students received a copy of these on the first day of school, and they are posted in our classroom.)

Put God first and do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

  1. Show respect to God at all times.
  2. Show respect to your teacher, and to the others in class through your speech, conduct, honesty, and obedience.
  3. Teasing is a form of bullying. We will not make fun of anyone, for any reason.
  4. BE ON TIME! If not, come with a tardy slip from the office or another teacher.
  5.  ELECTRONIC DEVICES will be used in class as needed for assignments only, and by permission.
  6. NO FOOD! Only drink allowed is water.
  7. NO GUM! I will give you a warning the first time, but after that, a write up will be given.
  8. Daily classwork grade: 5 points for working on art in class. If you waste time or work on other homework, you will get a zero for a daily grade.
  9. Project grades depend on difficulty of the project and may vary from 25-250 points.
  10. 5% off per day for projects turned in after the due date except in the case of excused absences.
  11. CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF! You will be given time before the end of class to put away projects and materials.
  12. Keep books and purses on the floor underneath your table to allow for more work space.
  13. Do not talk while I am speaking to the entire class.
  14. All CCA rules regarding dress and behavior will be enforced in this room.

Make me proud that you are my student both IN class, around school, and in the community.

Current Projects

All art students began the year by working on the school Christmas card to be placed in Noble Park. They did a wonderful job and CCA is ready, in advance, for the Christmas season. Thank you, Dorinda and Bob Wade for preparing the panels to be painted and purchasing the paint.

Art  1: Students are working on drawings in white charcoal of a still-life of objects that represent important things in their lives including their Bibles. Drawing in white on black paper makes the student think in opposite terms from traditional drawings where normally you put in a variety of grays on white paper.

Value of Project: 250 PTS.

 Art 2: Students are working on still-lifes in pastels. Each student set up their own still-life of fall objects and selected colored drawing paper for their backgrounds.

Value of Project: 250 PTS.

AP Studio Art: Individualized portfolio work. Daily grades are given for making progress on their portfolios.

Yearbook: Students have selected the theme and designed the cover and the divider pages. Students are working on individually assignments pages. All staff members must sell a total of $700 worth of ads by Thankgiving or their grades will be effected. We have set up a budget and this is the necessary per-person amount we need to raise this year.  Daily grades are given for class work.