“Education is the foundation on which we built our future.”

– Christine George

Heart To Heart

The mission of Heart To Heart is to provide children with disabilities access to quality, private Christian education at Community Christian Academy. 

CCA’s special education program, Heart-to-Heart, is a divine design that has given it success beyond what we at CCA could have ever imagined!

For we believe every child:

  • Deserves to have an education that builds upon itself year by year.
  • Deserves to be challenged where they are at.
  • Deserves the right to work hard and know the thrill of success, “they earned!”
  • Deserves to be empowered to know, “they can!”

And it is not hard to do!

Our students become independent learners, have leadership opportunities, and are 80 to 90 percent fully integrated into regular classrooms.

More information about the Heart To Heart Program:  Click HERE for additional Heart To Heart Information

For more information about the program, including the admissions process or donations, please contact Holly English, Executive Director of Heart To Heart at 270-599-9026 or heart2heart@ccapaducah.org.

   …so perfectly named, because it opens one child’s heart to another child’s heart. Then it opens up a classroom. Then it opens families. Then it opens the community of tomorrow.  

Heart To Heart Board of Directors:

Holly English- Executive Director

Amy Carrico- CCA Administrator & Guidance Counselor

Kimberly Wilson- CCA Board Member 

Heart To Heart Special Education


Catherine Lamsfuss


Community is the most vital longing in our hearts. Placed there by God, we all have the need to connect through relationships – with others and with Him. CCA is a welcoming place where everyone has a purpose and a passion. Students and parents are an essential part of CCA.

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