Mr. Chuck Collins, Bee-Keeper & owner of the Bee Barn, spoke to both our Middle & High School Agriculture classes about his experiences as a Bee-keeper & fun facts about honey-bees. Mr. Collins brought with him a live honey-bee frame, a bar of bees wax, one pound of honey from his hives & honey straws for our students to try a taste of local honey. Agriculture students have been researching pollinators, such as the honeybee; how they pollinate, what they pollinate, threats to each, and whether the pollinators migrate or hibernate. #Fun fact: did you know that honeybees are not native to North America? Christopher Columbus actually brought honeybees over on his voyages and their scientific name is the European honeybee. We appreciate Mr. Collins taking the time to visit with our Agriculture classes & sharing his very valuable knowledge & experiences with us! #ageducation